Altrüus is the social gifting platform that connects retailers with profitable customers

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Emotion is the ultimate


Your customers forget what you tell
them; they remember how you
made them feel

The Altrüus Platform Has Two Components

Altrüus is a marketplace where we connect local businesses to profitable customers

Consumer app

Users can send and redeem gifts from local stores

  • Business-sponsored

    When inside the business, users can send gifts to their friends at no cost to them. They send the gift to those who are likely to perceive the gift as valuable, organically targeting those who are most likely to become new customers of the business.

    • This provides retailers a highly targeted and efficient advertising tool, with a high conversion rate.
  • User-paid

    Users can purchase a gift from any business in the Altrüus network, from anywhere in the world, and send it to a friend

    • This provides retailers with the most user-friendly and social way of gifting.

Business portal

Businesses can create a gift menu for Altrüus users to send to their friends

  • Easy setup

    User-friendly for non-tech-savvy business owners.

  • Analytics for local retailers

    We provide retailers a new way to engage with customers via their social groups, and provide highly specific metrics.

  • Relationship with customers

    We transform impersonal company-to-customer advertising into the emotional drive of friend-to-friend validation and persuasion.

  • Easy bank transfers

    Retailers will be able to integrate their bank information for easy transfers from all Altrüus sales.

2 Ways for users to send gifts

Free Gifts

Sponsored by businesses. Highly efficient marketing tool

  • Connect with highly qualified prospects
  • Drive Trial
  • Increase Foot Traffic
  • Increase Purchase Frequency
  • Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Paid Gifts

Paid by Altrüus users. New social mobile sales channel

  • Increase Purchase Frequency
  • Offer a new social mobile sales channel
  • Bottom Line Impact

Check out what's cool about us!

Connect with a loyal audience

Your current customer base connects you to their friends, with whom they share purchasing power and purchasing behavior. We leverage existing relationships to create an emotional experience.

Feature 1
Feature 2

Increase Purchase Frequency

Users modify their purchase decision-making behavior based on the gifts they receive from a trusted friend.

Increase Foot Traffic

Attract highly qualified potential customers to your business. We have found, empirically, that those who redeem a free gift end up spending several times the price of the product they received as a gift, and that those who redeem a gift-card, spend about 45% more on their first transaction (TechCrunch September 19th 2017)

Feature 3

Get a new mobile sales channel

Enable your customers to send spontaneous paid gifts within 20 seconds. Givers are happier people; empower your customer base to become happier through gifting

Diff 1

Strengthen brand loyalty

Develop a positive emotional experience around your brand.

Diff 2

Increase purchase frequency

Enable customers to remotely purchase gifts for their loved ones.

Diff 3

Get a new mobile sales channel

Set up an account and display a mobile product menu in under 15 minutes.

Learn valuable decision-making information
about your customers

The Altrüus business portal provides customer data and purchasing behavior to help you make better decisions for your business

Channel 1

Measure ROI with more precision

Get data on the gifting and redemption behavior of your target consumer groups. You will be able to measure the ROI of your gifting campaigns with more accuracy than other advertising media

Higher conversion rates

Analyze the impact of your free gifting campaigns, and of your e-gifting sales channel, and find higher conversion rates

Channel 2

What makes us different?

At Altrüus we understand the value of the emotional component in gifting. We focus on emotions to help businesses build relationships with their customers.

  • GIFT-GIVING SOCIAL NETWORK (emotional vs transactional)
  • Use gifts and friendships (consumer group relationships) to drive traffic to retail stores
  • Near virgin gift-card and e-gifting industry in (Mexico and Latin America)
  • Social currency
  • 20 second gifting process


99 /mo

+15% of each transaction

  • Unlimited free gifts
  • Metrics and insights
  • Paid gifts (for an additional 15% of each transaction)

Launch your gifting campaign!

If you have questions or want more information, please e-mail us at

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